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Shirt and Soul provides high quality motivational clothing with warm and positive massages for an empowering individual and collective awakening. Let your heart and soul speak.


Bring to life your unique Self and your precious contribution to the evolution of humanity.


Express your highest reality, a loving soul that needs nothing and has plenty to give.


Assist in building a better world by pointing towards new ways of being human.

I AM Divine.

This message requires courage. The courage to tell your truth about yourself. But no matter what, it is true. It is true because the Divine is not only the Creator of all that exists, but it is also the Creation itself. The Creator and the Creation are the very same. In every moment of time the Divine is creating itself anew through us, with us and as us. The Divine is in every one of us without exception. And the time is perfect to remind each other of this forgotten reality.

You want to deepen this topic? Look at the work of Neale Donald Walsh and especially his extraordinary book series Conversations with God including the latest book 4: Awaken the Species.

Also available as 'You Are Divine'.

Homo Amore Universalis

Homo Amore Universalis. This is the new human of universal love we all can become. This human is already within each of us. To bring him to life, we just need to choose by expressing a new way of living. A life of unconditional love for everybody and everything, for every aspect of life. A life of love without expectations. Neither to recieve something in exchange for our love nor to steer the run of things in a certain direction. But only because this is the way we choose to be. Pure love.

You want to deepen this topic? Look at the work and books of Barbara Marx Hubbard. Maybe you want to look at her current online intensive Awaken the New Species in You, as well.


Time is an illusion. Neither the past nor the future exist. The only thing that exists is the omnipresent moment of the Now. Only in the Now you shape the experiences of your life. To use the power of the Now you must be present. And when your are present, you are in control of your life, your thoughts and emotions, your words and actions. By living in the Now, you can build the life of your dreams.

You want to deepen this topic? Look at the work of Eckhart Tolle and make sure to get a glimpse into his life-changing book The Power of Now.




Shirt and Soul's mission is to give people a voice with motivational and empowering messages on quality clothing. The voice of your own heart and soul. So, get your message and set out into the world. Share your knowledge, share your insides, share your wisdom, and advance your evolution and the evolution of humanity!


We love messages. You can easily make us happy by leaving one. What are your experiences with motivaltional and empowering clothing from Shirt and Soul? Do you miss a particular massage? What ever it is. We gratefully accept your message.

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